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Selvan Bavan

Postdoctoral Scholar in Biology & Biological Engineering
Selvan Bavan
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Selvan obtained his undergraduate B.Sc. degree in biochemistry from Imperial College London and M.Sc. in neuroscience at University College London. During his PhD at University of Leicester, he worked on ATP-gated P2X ion channels by using Xenopus oocyte recordings. This was followed by a postdoc at the University of Miami, where he worked on olfactory receptors by using Xenopus oocyte recordings. With an ambition of learning about nicotinic receptors and mastering the patch-clamp technique, Selvan transferred to the Lester lab in October 2016 from UPenn. Currently, Selvan's research follows on from the work of Brandon Henderson in investigating the regulatory effects of nicotine and menthol at nicotinic receptors. Selvan also has 1.5-2 years experience of pharmaceutical consultancy.